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Weekly Message 04.03.2020 Parashat-Tsav (Command), Leviticus 6:1-8:36

Hello friends,

By now we are all accustomed to hunkering down in our homes and living a much more restricted lifestyle that none of us could have anticipated. I have been in touch by phone with nearly all of you and am happy to report to the best of my knowledge that everyone remains healthy. Chris and I are doing well and our two youngest grandsons now living with us, are getting their schoolwork done and into their "new normal" routines. I am also happy to report that many of you are tuning in to our Friday evening services at 7:30 pm at and continue to provide well appreciated feedback in the comments bar.

Please continue to do so, and for those who haven't yet joined us at our virtual service, please do so at 7:30 pm tonight! This Shabbat is named Shabbat Hagadol or the "Great Sabbath" occurring each year on the Shabbat immediately before Passover. Under normal circumstances, we would have an important Torah reading from the Book of Leviticus (TSAV) and then a special Haftorah authored by the Prophet Malachi (chapter 3) which introduces the Prophet Elijah who we of course, welcome into our Passover seders. I will have more to present on this important Shabbat and on how to prepare for Passover during this very challenging period in our history. Passover begins on the evening of Wednesday, April 8th with the first seder. I am so sorry that we can not be together physically for the holiday and especially to not be able to host our community second night seder this year. However, this can still be a meaningful holiday for all. Please let me know if you need any advice in conducting your own seder including what is critically important to include and what could be skipped this year. I also have a supply of "Maxwell House" Haggodot or you can pick up as many as you need free of charge at Publix which still has a good supply. I'm looking forward to feeling your presence at tonight's service and all of our future virtual activities. Please let me know your interests in future programs. I hope to do a Yizkor (memorial) service at the end of Passover (the evening of April 15th or during the day on April 16th) and possibly resume our 613 Mitzvot adult education sessions online as well. So let me know what you are interested in and we'll go from there.

In the meantime, please continue to stay healthy, safe, and sane!

See you tonight, Ron Ron Becker Spiritual Leader

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