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Weekly Message 10.19.2023 Parashat Noach

Parashat Noach (Noah) Genesis 6:9 - 11:32

HafTorah - Isaiah 54:1 - 10

Dear friends,

We continue to monitor the news from the tragic occurrences in Israel, Gaza, and throughout the world. It is more important now than ever for us to reach out to the broader community through prayer and understanding. Below, you will find the schedule of our activities to that end. Please find time in your schedules and in your hearts to participate.

In the meantime, I am happy to report that we will have services both in-person and virtually on Zoom once again this Shabbat and thank all for their participation last Shabbat when we decided to heed the advice of law enforcement and hold only virtual services on Friday evening. This Shabbat, we read and study the middle triennial portion of Noach where we are given the second opportunity to resurrect the world free from evil and greed. Unfortunately, the theme of this week's Devar Torah will be that we continue to be given that opportunity and we continue to not take full advantage of it. Now more than ever we need to learn the lessons of Parashat Noach! In our Haftorah, Isaiah reminds us that redemption is possible. And we can add the words of scripture from our Sim Shalom prayerbook regarding redemption:

When senseless hatred rules the earth, where could redemption reside?

When people hide their faces from each other, and from Heaven, where could redemption reside?

If we do not pray for an end to wickedness in our lives and in the world, will we see redemption?

If we refuse to see the flaws in our souls and to not try to correct them, will we see redemption?

Redemption will be realized when love and justice rule the earth, when people reveal their faces to each other, and to Heaven.

Redemption will be realized when each of us sets free the sacred sparks that each of us contains.

Redemption will be realized when all people return out of their exile from each other.

Then Isaac and Ishmael, and Jacob and Esau, will embrace upon the peaceful shares of love and understanding.

Then creation's harmony will be restored, and then redemption will become a reality.

May that day come soon, in this our world.

In order for us to play whatever small role we can to see redemption through, let us participate in whatever capacity we can towards that end. I am working with Imam Ahmed Aly on a joint community prayer vigil and on a joint statement from the spiritual leaders for next week's edition of the Suncoast News. Please "stay tuned" for details on time and place. On this coming Wednesday, October 25th, we will be hosting the monthly meeting of the Interfaith Council of the Nature Coast at our synagogue at 10 am in the Spigelman Room. Then on Wednesday, November 8th, we will be hosting the Lifeline University Summit at 9 am also in the Spigelman Room.

Please try to take some time from your schedules to attend one or both and show our community that we care about healing our world, beginning with our own community. And PLEASE see it in your hearts to participate in our volunteer activities with Metropolitan Ministries. We will be assisting with the distribution of food, clothing, toys and other necessities on November 21st and December 21st at the holiday tent at Generations Church, 1540 Little Rd, Trinity, FL 34655. Please let me know if you will be able to join us so that I can "sign you up" for a three hour mid-day shift on one of those days or any other day in November/December!

Looking forward to seeing you in shul for our Shabbat services and our upcoming events and activities.

Ron Becker,

Spiritual Leader



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