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Weekly Message 11.27.2020 Parashat Vayetze

Parashat-Vayetze (and he leftt) Genesis 28:10 - 32:3

HafTorah - Hosea 11:7 -12:14

Dear friends,

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday. Most of us were not able to observe it the traditional way with lots of friends and family, but there is still much to be thankful for. In Judaism, we give thanks constantly in our prayers and blessings. The Puritans who began the observance of Thanksgiving in colonial New England likened their perilous journey across the ocean to the new world to that of crossing the Red Sea at the time of the Exodus from Egypt. Here are some psalms that are expressly meant to give thanks:

•Psalm 118 – Thanksgiving Day Prayer: God Is Good

•Psalm 100 – Thanksgiving Psalm: Praise

•Psalm 111 – Thanksgiving Psalm: Nourishment

•Psalm 30 – Thanksgiving: Give Thanks Forever

•Psalm 28 – Psalm for Thanksgiving: Let God Be Your Strength

•Psalm 150 – Thanksgiving Day Psalm: Every Soul Rejoice

And a rabbinical prayer from Rabbi Maralee Gordon of the McHenry County, Illinois synagogue:

In this moment, mindful of our many blessings,

may we form an intent to carry gratitude with us continually.

May we leave fear and jealousy by the wayside,

making room in our hearts for contentment, satisfaction and compassion.

May we start each day counting our blessings:

the blessing of being alive,

the many miracles of the living world we are one with,

the ability we possess to love and to be loved,

the many gifts and talents we have been graced with,

the support we receive

and the support we are able to extend.

May our gratitude lead to action:

May we express our gratitude.

May we smile when we encounter each other on the path,

May we seek opportunities to share our talents with others,

May we express our love to one another,

May we give with no expectation of receiving.

May we seek to repair what is broken.

May we end each day counting the day’s blessings,

those we have received and those we have bestowed.

May we be a blessing.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we will once again observe Shabbat at our services tonight at 7:30 pm and tomorrow morning at 9:30 am in person at the synagogue and on Zoom following this link:


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JCC is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Time: Nov 28, 2020 09:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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We will read the portion of Vayetzei which details the life of Jacob through his dreams which strengthen his connection to God and his time living with his somewhat deceitful uncle Laban and building his large family over many years while indentured to him. In addition to all the adventures in this Torah portion, we learn about love. There is passionate love "at first sight" such as that of Jacob when he meets and falls in love with Rachel. And there is enduring everlasting love such as that of Jacob and Leah who he is tricked into marrying and yet as the mother of most of his children and a lifetime of family building, he comes to love her as a life's partner and "best friend". Jacob loves them both representing all of the aspects of a solid and enduring marriage. We all hope that both can be embodied in our own relationships.

Again, happy Thanksgiving and see you in shul! Ron

Ron Becker

Spiritual Leader



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