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Weekly Message 02.21.2020 Parshat Mishpatim

Dear friends,

After an exciting President's Day weekend when we celebrated a wedding at the JCC and enjoyed our monthly dine-out at Koizi's, we now embark on the first of the four special Shabbatot between now and Passover, namely Shabbat Shekalim.

The original mitzvah (commandment) was for all adult males to contribute half of a biblical shekel for the upkeep of the Tabernacle and eventually for the Temple. We still observe this important duty by supporting our own synagogue and other Jewish organizations. So as we usher in Rosh Chodesh Adar in the coming days, let each of us renew our financial and spiritual commitment to our own house of worship.

We are also commanded to "increase our joy" during the month of Adar with Purim just a couple weeks away and I look forward to greeting the new month with you as we support our spiritual home.

We will have services Friday evening at 7:30 pm and Saturday morning at 9:30 am with a special Torah reading and Haftorah in honor of Shabbat Shekalim.

Sunday morning's adult education class and Bat Mitzvah lessons are taking a two week "vacation" and will resume on March 8th. Hebrew School for the kids and Hebrew reading continue as usual every Sunday!

See you in shul!

Ron Becker

Spiritual Leader

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