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Weekly Message 11.8.19

Dear friends,

Chris and I are back after a wonderful visit with our grandsons in South Carolina and are looking forward to spending this exciting Shabbat weekend with you.  We kick off the weekend with our first monthly Shabbat dinner of the fall season.  We'll gather at the JCC at 6:30 pm for a quick evening service, followed by Shalom Aleichem (traditionally sung upon arrival at home for the Shabbat dinner), blessing the children, Kiddish (blessing over the wine), and Motzei (blessing over the bread) and a delicious dinner.  This weekend in anticipation of Veterans Day, we honor our veterans and pay tribute to their service to our nation.  We follow dinner with song, Birkat (blessing after the meal) and much merriment.

Saturday morning's service begins at 9:30 am.  We continue our journey through the Book of Genesis with the portion of Lech Lecha, the third reading in our annual Torah reading cycle.  Our patriarch Abraham (then called Abram) and matriarch Sarah (then called Sarai) go forth from the home that they knew and travel to the land of Canaan.  Ultimately, God shows his faith in our ancestors by establishing a covenant with them and setting us on the road to our great faith and traditions.

Then on Sunday morning at 11 am, we will begin our fall adult education sessions.  This year's theme will be "Mitzvot" and we begin with a discussion of the Jewish laws and traditions passed down as the 10 Commandments at Sinai and continuing to include most or all of the 603 additional ones totaling 613 upon which we base the foundation of our faith. 

It should be a stimulating, educational, and spiritual experience for all of us.

See you in shul and wishing you the best,


Ronald Becker

Spiritual Leader

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